Covent Group is a hierarchical system embracing a number of specialized independent branches governed by unified Covent Group standards and pursuing a common global goal.

Striving toward continuous development and improvement, each of the Covent branches is open for dialogue and collaboration with external partner-companies and individuals. Below, you will find a more detailed diagram of the Covent companies and their areas of activity.

This global community is called upon to discover common trends and factors that govern the world, to apply the acquired knowledge for global optimization of processes, and to continuously promote the participants’ intellectual and spiritual development.

Institute of Perspective Planning is an association of research groups formed by the structures involved and managed by Covent researchers.

A public research fund that selects and trains elite personnel.

A group of companies in charge of developing an implementation strategy for specific Covent Group programs.

Binational Forum is a bilateral investment, information, and technology platform designed to coordinate the efforts of all organizations interested in collaborating with Ukrainian and Israeli social, political, economic,
and humanitarian projects.

An organization that coordinates and facilitates the collaboration of all group structures.

A Covent Group branch specializing in IT
and Hi-Tech development and implementation.

A company in charge of creating IT management structures and ensuring that they are compliant with universal international standards.

An organization in charge of hiring and training IT personnel.

A fund supervising the implementation of global informational projects and orders for both internal and external customers.

A branch managing startup systems and overseeing their collaboration in compliance with Covent Group projects.

A company whose responsibilities include selection and training of promising startups, as well as helping them enter the international market. It also monitors their structuring and advancement.

This organization supervises proactive personnel selection for the implementation
of Covent Group Hi-Tech projects.

This fund monitors the fulfilment of the established tasks:
market analysis, cause and effect relationship discovery, trend forecast, fleshing out projects, timely work completion, customer relations, etc.

Monitoring the Covent Group land and livestock resources development, this branch also specializes in agricultural product recycling programs.

This company is in charge of building an optimal naturalized product system, supporting natural evolution, and helping people focus on direct interaction with nature.

This is an organization whose area of responsibility includes facilitating the return of the human life support system to nature, particularly with regards to food and natural health systems.

This fund supervises innovative agricultural technologies research and development in underdeveloped
and lagging regions of the world economy.

This branch oversees the implementation
of Covent Group healthcare programs.

This company specializes in developing new medical
and pharmacological programs and making them compliant
with European quality standards to be confirmed
by international certificates.

This is an organization responsible for upholding key values, including development and production of innovative technologies aimed at benefiting human health and environment.

A fund in charge of integrating competitive and quality products developed within the framework of Covent Group projects to penetrate the Ukrainian and global economies.

A group of companies responsible for engaging financial, technical, resource, educational, and other forms of investment and for monitoring their structural development.

This international organization facilitates legitimate
global stock market entry for commercial enterprises
from post-socialist countries.

This company coordinates member participation
in global and macro-regional programs.

A company working in the area of creating structured analytical databases, setting primary objectives, and optimizing outcome implementation technologies.

An organization responsible for building and supporting the social collaboration system.

This is a fund in charge of establishing a system of principles and approaches to the creation of moral frameworks utilized in solving relationship issues between individuals and society.

This company coordinates participation in production and consumption management processes as well as in the management of financial, commodity and money mechanisms.

A company responsible for creating structured financial databases, business effectiveness evaluation, and analysis of business activities.

This organization's sphere of activity includes creation and support of a maximum efficiency market member interaction system, enlisting new players, and their consolidation at the appropriate level.

A fund in charge of establishing corporate policies based on principles of competency frameworks
and moral and ethical standards.

This syndicate is involved
in managing large socio-political structures.

This is a company whose sphere of activities includes the creation of new and reorganization of existing analytical databases as well as efficiency assessment
of their promotion and expansion.

An organization responsible for building political relations while taking into account the interests of various social agents.

This fund supervises the establishment of a strong and viable system of political principles capable of meeting primary management needs.

This organization is responsible for managing the optimization and humanization of social structures.

A company involved in the implementation and advancement of essential humanitarian principles in all social structures.

This organization supervises the interaction of social institutions facilitating mutually beneficial collaboration.

A fund responsible for the establishment of value and moral systems and their implementation in resolving relationship issues between individuals and society.

An organization specializing in ethnic process research management.

This company creates structured analytical databases of individual ethnic elements.

This organization supervises
the interaction of various ethnic groups.

This is a migration fund in charge of establishing a system of principles and approaches conducive
to the development of ethnic consciousness
and self-awareness.

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